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We Can Surpass Your Expectations In More Ways Than You Are Aware

Welcome to ServiceMaster Clean Residential Vancouver’s website. We are a locally owned and operated business servicing the Lower Mainland and Whistler for over 30 years.

Our focus is to make a strata agent’s life simpler, and our business focuses around serving them and their buildings:  it represents 90% of what we do. We provide a wide range of services to meet their needs, from: carpet and hard surface floor cleaning; window and building exterior façade washing; ventilation cleaning; as well as janitorial and building caretaker services. If you are a residential customer looking for carpet cleaning, we have a website just for you.  Please take a moment to look through our website at all of the areas we cover, including our blog which covers a wide range of topical articles that might be of interest to you.

We Are

We dominate the industry with a wide breadth of scale and scope to help our clients function effectively and efficiently. Our extensive network will adapt to your changing needs while consistently delivering exceptional results.

We Have

We are passionately committed to our customers. Their needs guide everything we do.

We Offer

We seek to provide exceptional service. We engage in proactive behaviour because a job isn’t done until a job is done right.



Through our website you can access most of our services. Here are four of our most commonly sought items 

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While we have four different service lines, carpet cleaning, exterior, ventilation and janitorial, all with very different requirements and features, we pride ourselves in the quality of service we provide. We believe that quality shows through in our work. Each photo shows a service we provide and the care we take in doing it.

Janitorial Team By Truck
In Art
Hi Wire Thomas
Gutter Cleaning Programs
Floor Care Team
Building Envelope Cleaning
Modern Fleet
Floor Care Services
Ventilation Services



The strongest part of our company is its people. They are on the front lines, providing services, and constantly working to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the service they receive. We’re always here to help.

General Manager

David Benoit

David is a BCIT Grad from 1999. As of 2016 he has been with ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver for 18 years, starting off as an account manager. At the time, the company had three carpet cleaning technicians, one window cleaner and two janitors. He soon bought the business, and grew it to its present size. He loves technology, he is constantly pushing to apply new programs and systems to improve the level of service to customers. He lives in Surrey, with his three boys and wife, Mandy. He has an acute love for Rugby and Golf, both playing the games and watching them.

Floorcare Success Manager

Fredy Cayta

Fredy is the Floorcare Manager For Vancouver and the General Manager for Whistler, and has worked at ServiceMaster Clean Residential since 2006. His first four years were as a carpet cleaning technician, which he then transitioned to become a production coordinator and sales manager since 2010. For both positions he has shown consistent dedication to his work, which is evident in everything he does His years as a field technician is also a definite asset: he possesses a deep technical knowledge that few others can rival, even current field staff. Fredy usually can provide a authoritative answer to a client quickly, which will resolve their problem.
Outside of work, Fredy is an avid outdoorsman: he can be frequently found paddle boarding, hiking and camping all along the West Coast with his family and dog Chico. He also is a massive soccer fan, and is especially fond of the Boca Juniors.

Exterior Services Success Manager

Rachel Hart

Rachel is the exterior cleaning services account manager, and handles all of the ventilation, window cleaning and building envelope cleaning. She initially joined ServiceMaster Clean as a field technician, having worked eight years previous in the role. She holds a level 3 SPRAT, the highest rating possible to obtain. Due to her excellent technical knowledge and great customer service skills Rachel became a customer service manager in 2014. She routinely surprises clients with the expertise she brings to the job, offering expert answers to tough questions. Originally hailing from Manitoba she is extremely passionate about health and fitness, playing a number of sports and practicing Yoga.

Janitorial Success Manager

Angel Cividanes

Angel is the Janitorial services general manager for Vancouver. He’s often people's first point of contact for quotes and operations. Perhaps the quality most people would use to describe him is passion. You are unlikely to meet a person more concerned and dedicated to making the customer happy than Angel. He will work hard to establish a well organized system for an location, which meets the clients' expectation of clients. Angel always on top of of their concerns and will go the extra mile to provide the best service possible. He’s even been known to don a vacuum and pitch in when necessary.
Privately, Angel is a rugby fanatic, having played and coached on a number of high level teams in Argentina and British Columbia. He is also an avid reader of history, and can often be seen reading a book on any number of topics.


We believe an critical part of what we do is to inform our customers of the issues surrounding the work we do, in a fair and honest manner.  If we and our clients can discuss matters using the same terminology and concepts, it will help us provide the right amount and type of service, as well as at the appropriate budget.  For nearly ten years we’ve maintained a blog where we write on these topics. Below are a sampling of some of our more recent posts.


The Company We Keep

In order to provide you with the best service possible, we are a member of a number of  professional organizations related to residential property management. In addition a number of our staff are possess individual certifications for their skills. We’re highlighting a sample of them below.  

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