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Awnings – Architecture Changes Bring Challenges

Inward slanting awnings – this is a newer feature being found in Vancouver over the last couple of years.  I’ve heard (though I may be wrong) that this is due to a change in Vancouver building law which no longer allows rain to run off of a building awning and onto city sidewalk.  Instead, the rainwater is directed downward to a gutter running the length of the awning where it meets the building.  It then flows through a downspout into the city sewer system.

We had a question from a couple of property managers concerning this type of glass canopy that appeared to be leaking.  If there are drips coming from the bottom sides of such a structure.  If the gutter at the base of these awnings is not regularly cleaned, they may become clogged with leaves, debris, and garbage thrown from above or blown off balconies by the wind.   Cleaning these gutters should get rid of any leaks you may be having.

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