Professional Carpet Cleaner, or, Just the Janitor?
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Professional Carpet Cleaner, or, Just the Janitor?

Why would a building allow an uncertified Janitor to clean the common hallway carpets?

The only reason we can think of is they see them every day (ease of access) , “Bob” the janitor is probably a nice guy, and the strata hopes to save some money.

Do you really want “Bob” to maintain the common area carpets and be responsible for protecting this investment?

Let’s say its costs 10 per sq. ft. to remove and replace common area carpet. So a typical building is 6,000 sq. ft. so roughly it would be between 60K and 80k to replace the carpet (not pocket change).


Ask Yourself – Why wouldn’t you have a firm who:

  1. Has certified techs (Clean Trust/ IICRC)
  2. Career professional (This is all they do, clean common area carpet. Well, they do have hobbies
  3. Meet warranty specifications
  4. Tech’s who know their chemistry
  5. Has a plan, isn’t reacting to seeing dirty carpet which is often too late and wear damage has occurred
  6. Has liability insurance 5 Million (People do slip and fall and sue)
  7. Has WCB coverage for carpet cleaning no janitorial. (Tech’s can hurt their backs)
  8. Has great equipment, each van costs upward of 50K to set up
  9. Has great customer service team, 25 + years of business
  10. We are proven to increase the life span of the carpet

So if are considering having “Bob” clean the carpets to save some money please consider the above.

The best thing a building can do is have Bob vacuum the carpets with a great vacuum on a consistent schedule removing 90 % of the dry soil and let the experts remove the 10 % left the sticky soil (carpet talk).

A typical quarterly maintenance program for this building would cost 2k annually, which is a very small item in a strata’s budget. And replacing the carpet in 6 years instead of 12 (which happens or they just live with dirty worn out carpet) from a financial point of view and liability point of view clearly doesn’t make sense.

David Benoit

General Manager

ServiceMaster Residential For Vancouver


  • carpet cleaning

    April 8, 2012at5:42 pm

    So why should you hire a professional carpet cleaner when everything you need is easily accessible? You can rent steam cleaners at any hardware store. Spot removers are available over the counter at almost any store. All the equipment that the pros use can be procured by any ordinary consumer from any number of local retailers. So why then would you need to hire a professional carpet cleaner? Simply put, you don’t know what you’re doing.

    • ServiceMaster Clean For Vancouver, BC

      June 18, 2012at6:22 pm

      Did you read the article?, your comment is like saying why hire a plumber or electrician you can buy all the equipment at Home Depot. Truck mounts are worth 25 K, high powered portables are 5K. You can rent the equipment sure, it is not nearly of the same quality and you will find that there is more to cleaning a carpet than using a generic spot cleaner. Your comment really doesnt make a lot of sense sorry and does not respect the cleaning industry and what professional carpet cleaners do.

  • ragini

    November 9, 2012at3:44 am

    Wow, what a nice cleaning blog have you, Thanks for posting it!

  • Steve -ServiceMaster Maine

    April 10, 2013at7:14 am

    Excellent points about the hidden costs that some managers don’t think about. We find some of the more inexperienced facility managers don’t understand the cost of replacing carpets and how expensive the disruption to their business can be when the floors are not able to be used. They also don’t see their carpet as an asset that is depreciating.

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