Window Cleaning Re-Service Guideline
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Window Cleaning Re-Service Guideline

1: Please clean the inside surface of the window before reporting.  (You would be surprised how often this is the case, now that the outside is allowing more light in you can see the inside
2 If your screens were not removed (For Buildings with screens)  during the scheduled dates,  we cannot return to service it after the job is complete.  (You can tell since the one side of the window will be clean and the other side will be soiled)
3. When reviewing concerns we will need:
a. Low Rise – A photo of the window (So we can see what the concern is) 
b. High Rise  – A photo of the window and we will need access to the suite (Some times we can touch up the window from inside your unit instead of setting up a rope access drop) 
4: Please ensure the window you’re concerned with are actually part of the scope. Accessible deck windows are not part of the scope of work.  (If you are unsure about the scope please ask us) 
5. When we return please identify the window(s) from the interior with a piece of paper.  (This way we can make sure we get the right window) 
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