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Roof Treatment & Cleaning “Foaming Video”

As we discussed in an earlier Etips; having the roof cleaned on any building is an important part of keeping it healthy and effective. Left untreated Moss, mold and mildew growth effectively halves their lives requiring costly repairs or wholesale replacement. The Metro Vancouver area is a prime growing territory for these growths. The wet, temperate weather, combined with the ample foliage means that all three can grow through most of the year, with winter being a prime growing season for some varieties.

So why care about this now? Well its actually the best time for a roof cleaning. The hot dry weather has weakened and, in some cases, killed some roof growth. That doesn’t mean you can forgo any roof cleaning. The dead matter will regrow, or become a home for other, larger plants, which can wreak even worse damage to a roof. Nevertheless in their dried state, the growths are easier to remove effectively than if they are alive and moist.

The dry weather also allows our technicians to operate on a roof more effectively. Fall or winter cleanings often occur in the rain, which complicates matters. In a worse case scenario, this may lead to places being unreachable due to wet conditions. Cleaning now guarantees the best possible outcome.

The cleaning process itself is not as straightforward as one may think, In order to ensure an effective clean, the roof must be treated prior to the cleaning. It is critical that we get off as much of the growth as possible as well as kill potential new areas to get the best outcome. Most of the time we require a follow-up visit to remove any newly dislodged material. Still this does not mean the roof will be spotless. Discolouration is very common and often only cosmetic in nature. Our primary focus is to clean off growths that will damage the roof; cleaning everything would lead to a massive increase in cost that would greatly outstrip the potential value.

So, in this hot weather, spare a thought for your roof and the upcoming winter. You won’t regret it.

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