ServiceMaster Clean Vancouver | How will this year’s weather affect Gutter Cleaning at your buildings?
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How will this year’s weather affect Gutter Cleaning at your buildings?

The weather this year has been unusual to say the least, with a summer drought leading to Stage 3 Water restrictions.  Because of this we are the proud owners of a 3000-gallon water tank that we used to assist with the cleaning we undertook over the summer.
So what does the unusual summer weather mean for gutter cleaning? Simple; we have a lot of very dry trees around the lower mainland, which have been further weakened by the recent storms. It is evident that more leaves and branches will fall this year than in previous years.
Many¬†of our customers have thought that they should wait to clean our gutters until all the leaves have fallen to get the most value for money from their service. In some cases this is true and in most not. It is not because nobody can predict when heavy rains will come and when all the leaves will fall. This is especially true given we are in an El Nino year, which may lead to an warmer, wetter fall and winter. When the gutter system is not ready for the heavy rains, major problems occur: blockages, breakages, interior floods, and foundation problems. However, every building has different needs, which may not be easy to identify. Some gutters can be cleaned once a year and some need to be twice. It all depends on a host of factors, such as the system’s design, its integrity and the amount of foliage in the area.
So what should you do? Ask us. Our team has been cleaning gutters in the lower mainland for over 20 years and possesses deep experience in identifying a building’s requirement. We’ll put together a plan and give you an estimate, which will provide real value for you and the strata members that you represent.
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