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Do You Maintain Your Floors? Lets Keep Them Looking Great

Having clean, well maintained floors in your common areas helps establish a positive and healthy environment. There is nothing worse than when you walk into a location and see large stains / spots on the floor, which immediately take away from the location. Many buildings will throw up their hands and say “but we clean them once a year!” But what happens during the other 11 months? The amount of traffic in an high-rise condo’s common areas is equivalent to a commercial office building, and thus having a year round plan is essential.

Okay so what are the options? To start, develop a plan with a credible contactor who can comply with manufacturers warranties and specifications. Learn the difference between interim cleaning aka maintenance cleaning vs restorative/extraction cleaning. No two buildings are the same: they have different traffic patterns and environmental factors that can have dramatically different outcomes even when the same carpet is installed. Thus a location’s cleaning approach must be tailored to its situation. In our experience, it should be a mixture of interim and restorative cleaning set out a selected intervals. Approximately three quarters of the floor care work our crews complete are interim cleanings, which is meant to remove dirt and soil that a standard vacuum are unable pick up.

Not only will having a proper cleaning plan help the appearance of your building, it also protects its value and helps the budget. The floor care program is often the cheapest line item in a building’s budget; replacing carpet or hard surface floors is one the largest. If improperly maintained, most carpets discolours and “uglies out”, before it physically wears out at the end of its expected lifespan. A floor care plan will avoid this outcome, prolonging your carpet’s life and keeping your warranty intact. If a carpet prematurely ages and needs to be replaced ten, or even five years earlier than planned due to a lack of proper maintenence, its a case of penny wise pound foolish. And the best part is it isn’t really that expensive. Thus a carefully implemented carpet cleaning program should be considered an essential part of any building maintenence program.

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