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Its a pretty common occurrence in our office where a property manager approaches us for quotes on a half dozen or more buildings in one instance. We’re totally not complaining about the situation (as it allows us to show what we’re capable of) but it can be inefficient approach to management.

Often the rationale is that a Strata Corporation assumes that the work was too costly or not well done, and they can save money by soliciting bids from a number of providers. Often any potential cost savings are lost due to the time taken to manage a competition, as well as the risk for disruption for on-boarding a new service vendor.

We offer an alternative: a consistent, long-term partner that can meet your service requirements at a cost that is at or below your expected budget. How exactly can we offer that?

  1. Consistency in delivery of service – one company that can adapt for the location’s needs.
  2. Familiarity of the building – Technicians know get to know the site and do things more efficiently
  3. Less Friction with service delivery
  4. No short-term solutions- Service provisions that provides the best value for the location long and short term
  5. Lower sales and on-boarding costs – only one competition at the start of the contract
  6. Less property manager involvement in a contract.

They key for success for both parties in a long term relationship is establishment of a common frame of reference. Actual service itself is secondary, whether it be a multiple, regular maintenance services or a simple agreement to clean the gutters every year. However as long as both parties have a common frame of reference, both sides usually come out getting what they want.

As as a “One Source Vendor” we have the ability to provide complete building maintenance programs or agreements that simply provide the same service annually. We brand our agreements as ASG (Annual Service Agreements) and APG (Annual Project Agreements). for an example of what an ASG looks like please CLICK HERE and for information please visit our web site or do not hesitate to contact us.

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