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How To Handle Complaints in the Strata Cleaning Business – Our Plan.

I am sure we could all trade stories of our customers and how they expressed their concerns to us. Unfortunately its the few negative interactions that overshadow the vast majority of positive ones. The most common issue we face this time of year is when a window gets missed during a building cleaning, which then gets blown out of proportion. One of the more humorous (and frustrating) examples is receiving a call on the first day of a two-week project that their window was missed.

So to avoid these issues, we’ve put together a point-by-point checklist of lessons learned over the past 25 years.


Try and stop the complaints before they happen:

• The first step is clearly setting expectations before we start. Building notices are often our main way to communicate to residents: we try to be absolutely clear what we will do and not do, as well as what we need the residents to do.
• Have a dispute resolution process, including where and how to communicate issues. This leads us to….

Cutting out the middle man in the complaints:

• Having residents come to us directly speeds up the process and ensures that they get the answer straight from the service provider. Not only is it more efficient, it saves your inbox getting filled with complaints.

Notify all parties as to the current job status:

• Job Confirmation – Dates, scope of work, site notices.
• Reminder Email – Does a notice need posting? Window screens removed?
• En route – Site contacts know to be prepared for arrival.
• Job Completion – we’re done, check for any issues.

Defusing complaints by calling them cases and categorizing them into buckets based on their features:

• Customer Service – not really an issue but we return.
• Technical – Its a technical issue and we could have done better or simply missed something.
• Damage – We unfortunately damaged something and need to repair.

Preparing our customers knowledge by providing informative content like our blog site:

• Articles on the technical aspect of cleaning.
• Content outlining what clean looks like.




In today’s consumer world, one-stop shopping is a must!

Time is a luxury that most of us simply do not have enough of and one-stop shopping saves us precious moments, never mind the irritation and aggravation if we had to deal with multiple stops!

Managing the cleanliness of a facility isn’t always just about hiring a commercial cleaner.  It’s about knowing that your service provider can provide you with the full lineup of services that can accommodate a variety of circumstances.

With ServiceMaster Clean, you not only have access to full commercial cleaning services but also to the service offerings of all of our sister brands like…

ServiceMaster Clean – Specialty Commercial Cleaning including carpet cleaning and maintenance

ServiceMaster Restore – Disaster Restoration

ServiceMaster Clean Exterior – Window, Dryer Vent, Duct Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning

At ServiceMaster Clean, we take servicing our commercial clients seriously because providing you with a clean facility is serious business!

Complete the form to find out what we can do for you!

ServiceMaster Clean – We are your commercial cleaning specialists.

We are a team of professional commercial cleaners dedicated to all of your office cleaning needs from janitorial services to hard floor cleaning and everything in between!

For more information on any of our commercial cleaning services, contact us today!

 “ServiceMaster has always been there for whatever I need.” C.M., Electrolux


 “Very quick to respond to our special requests.” A.G., MCF Practice Firm

Real Time Field Management At Work – Real Time Updates & Reminders

In the last few weeks, some of you may IMG_0398have noticed that we’ve been sending some emails notifying you about scheduled services for the buildings you manage. This system is connected to our real-time field management software, and are tied to actual dates and events. Its part of our broader effort to bring you a higher level of service.
We currently send two emails. The first is a reminder for an upcoming service. We implemented this system because we noticed that building representatives often forgot about the upcoming work, or were never informed of the date it was scheduled for. Perhaps a more serious issue was the failure to post building notices. This would often cause problems: screens on windows were left up, residents were not home for dryer vent cleanings.
This was not always the fault of building representatives: the emails we send could be blocked or missed. Thus by sending a reminder, we ensure that everybody is on the same page as to the upcoming service.
The second email we send informs you of when a job is complete. Often, and especially for large technical work that my sprawl over a large complex, it is difficult to know when our staff has completed its assigned work. However by leveraging our field management systems, all work is marked complete by staff upon finishing their work. We then automatically send an email a few hours later based on that status change. While we originally thought of this as a courtesy email, we realized there was a very useful purpose for our customers: they could now bring up problems to correct.
The system is still fairly new, and there are still a kink or two to be worked out, but by far we’re pretty happy with the result. We hope that you will be too.

Most Of Our Existing Customers Don’t Know What We Do….

Most of Our Existing Customers Dont Know What We Do

With Four Service Lines Dedicated To Excellence In Cleaning At Your Strata’s, ServiceMaster Clean Residential Can Surpass Your Expectations In More Areas Than You’re Probably Aware.


Ask about our annual service agreements (ASG)
 I’ll bet you didn’t know we do all of this:

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 8.08.58 AM

Information and Quote Requests: (604) 435-1135
e-mail: info@svmresidential.ca or visit: www.svmresidential.ca
ServiceMaster Clean Residential for Vancouver – Serving the Lower Mainland – An Independent Business Licenced By ServiceMaster Canada







Services We Perform


I’m often surprised to learn that a lot of property managers with whom we have a great relationship do not know all the services we make available to stratas. We are structured primarily to serve the property  management industry in the GVRD.  Here is a breakdown of what we can offer you.

Floor Care
Account Manager: Fredy Cayta

contact Fredy for quotes: fredy at svmresidential.ca

-Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning Programs
-Spot Cleaning, Emergency Carpet Cleaning
-Upholstery Cleaning
-Tile Cleaning
-Linoleum Strip and Wax
Rachel Headshot

Exterior Cleaning Services
Account Manager: Rachel Hart
contact Moe for quotes: rachel at svmresidential.ca

-Window Cleaning: High Rise and Low Rise
-Gutter Cleaning 1x Clean and Gutter Cleaning Programs
-Dryer Vent Cleaning
-Pressure Washing
-Parkade Cleaning
-Building Facade Cleaning: hand scrub or pressure washing

Angel Profile Pic Option 1

Strata Janitorial and Building Caretaker Services
Account Manager: Angel Cividanes
contact for Angel: angel at svmresidential.ca

-Performance or Hourly Based Cleaning
-Part Time / Full Time Cleaning
-Building Caretaker Services
-Cloud Based Reporting

We guarantee satisfaction 100% within our quoted scope of work. Any customer concerns are addressed right away.

Thanks for considering ServiceMaster Clean Residential for Vancouver.

Who Is ServiceMaster?

“You guys are just a small outfit, right?”
Annual Revenues exceed $5.5 billion.
(But that’s not just the Burnaby office)

“If you don’t live it, you don’t believe it.”
Marion E. Wade.
Founder of ServiceMaster

ServiceMaster Quick Facts:

  • 1947, the original company is incorporated by Marion Wade, a former minor league baseball player
  • 1952, services expanded to include carpet cleaning
  • 1984, Fortune Magazine rates ServiceMaster #1 among the “Service 500”
  • 1998, Success Magazine names ServiceMaster the “#1 Best-Run Franchise Company in the Country”.
  • 1998, Financial Times ranks ServiceMaster the “Sixth Most Respected Company in The World”.
  • Present: ServiceMaster ranked #3, in “Top 5 In Its’ Industry” by Fortune 500

But what does that mean to YOU, in regards to dealing with

ServiceMaster Clean Residential?

  • You’re working with a locally owned company that draws upon the resources, research, and experience of a $5.5 billion dollar organization.
  • ServiceMaster holds us accountable for quality standards.
  • We’re also provided with cleansers and equipment that is researched, designed and available only to ServiceMaster operators, including the Green product line.

But Who Are You Guys At
ServiceMaster Clean Residential?

David Benoit is the owner and operator of the residential franchise servicing the GVRD.  His background is in business, and operating a successful company is his passion.  He purchased the Residential franchise – servicing stratas and property management companies and homeowners for building maintenance needs in 1998.  He cares about people, quality, and commitment to growth through excellence, which has grown this branch of ServiceMaster since he stepped in.

“If there’s a problem, we’ll always go back and see if we can fix it.  We’ll take care of it.”
David Benoit.

ServiceMaster Clean Residential in 2010 has grown again to service its customers even better:

  • Customer follow up and satisfaction program.
  • Addition of another carpet cleaning technician to keep up with demand
  • New Service: dryer vent cleaning with our exterior services division
  • High Rise Services: window cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and caulking repair
  • Additional exterior crews added
  • New Office Location at #160 – 21900 Westminster Hwy, acting as central dispatch for the GVRD

Each division provides services from specialists.  For example, our carpet cleaners are trained, career technicians.  They don’t clean windows.  However, we do have window cleaning experts and other professional cleaners in their respective fields.

Everyone at SVM Clean Residential works to fulfill our simple mandate: “We’ll take care of it.”

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