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In today’s consumer world, one-stop shopping is a must!

Time is a luxury that most of us simply do not have enough of and one-stop shopping saves us precious moments, never mind the irritation and aggravation if we had to deal with multiple stops!

Managing the cleanliness of a facility isn’t always just about hiring a commercial cleaner.  It’s about knowing that your service provider can provide you with the full lineup of services that can accommodate a variety of circumstances.

With ServiceMaster Clean, you not only have access to full commercial cleaning services but also to the service offerings of all of our sister brands like…

ServiceMaster Clean – Specialty Commercial Cleaning including carpet cleaning and maintenance

ServiceMaster Restore – Disaster Restoration

ServiceMaster Clean Exterior – Window, Dryer Vent, Duct Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning

At ServiceMaster Clean, we take servicing our commercial clients seriously because providing you with a clean facility is serious business!

Complete the form to find out what we can do for you!

ServiceMaster Clean – We are your commercial cleaning specialists.

We are a team of professional commercial cleaners dedicated to all of your office cleaning needs from janitorial services to hard floor cleaning and everything in between!

For more information on any of our commercial cleaning services, contact us today!

 “ServiceMaster has always been there for whatever I need.” C.M., Electrolux


 “Very quick to respond to our special requests.” A.G., MCF Practice Firm

The Benefits of a One Source Vendor

A significant majority of our clients only contact us for a one type of service, like carpet cleaning or dryer vent cleaning. Yet our firm, like several others actually offer a wide array of services for residential buildings.


There are a number of benefits with going with a single provider for multiple services, over several different providers. Perhaps the most important is familiarity. A multi-service provider tends to have better corporate memory and internal communications: staff from one service line can provide their knowledge and advice to ones in others. They can point out a building’s unique requirements and identify efficiencies, which will improve the quality of service we can offer.

Furthermore one-stop vendors tend to be larger and have more stability in their staff. It is much more likely that the same individual(s) who completed the work the first time would be the same for subsequent visits. These factors result in one major benefit: reduced costs. One-stop venders pass on those efficiencies in terms of a discount as they expect to take less time to finish the same work.

A multiple service provider also greatly simplifies administration. With the overall cost reduction factored in, it is unlikely that three different service providers can offer a lower price than a bundled service package from one provider. In addition to these direct cost savings, there are indirect savings for the property manager, who does not need to manage bids for the different services. Furthermore any problem, especially complex ones, can be resolved more quickly as there is only one number to call.

So with better quality of service, lower costs and less administration, going with a bundled service makes sense. Call us today.

ServiceMaster Clean

Annual Service Agreement (ASG)

ASG LOGOWhat is an Annual Service Agreement (ASG)?

It is an agreement between the Strata Corporation and ServiceMaster Clean Residential to perform a variety of cleaning services throughout the year.  It is an ongoing agreement where the prices quoted are guaranteed for 3 years, and the strata is committing to having those services performed annually.  The services are scheduled in advance the following year, given priority booking.  It automatically continues unless the strata corporation provides 30 days written notice.

In return for committing to a schedule the strata receives 7 % savings on their regular maintenance items.  In order to be eligible for an ASG a strata must have no less than 3 services in their service calendar.

We keep our customers based on our performance and not a contract, ASG is still governed by this principle. An ASG makes it easier for all parties to work together and provides a frame work for the relationship.

This is what it looks like / worded:

Wording of an ASG

Please find attached the annual service agreement for (Name Of Strata).

Details are as follows:

  • Services scheduled as per  Service Calendar (notice provided for posting in advance)
  • 7 % discount applied to each service upon completion
  • Each service invoiced individually upon completion
  • In order to discontinue the schedule, strata corporation to provide 30 days written notice

Strata Corporation pre-approves ServiceMaster Clean Residential to perform the service(s) (in service calendar) annually.   The quoted price(s) will not be increased for the next (3) three years.   30 days written notice is requested for changes or to cancel.

This is a summary of the pros for all 3 parties involved:

(1. The Building 2. The Property Manager 3. The Service Provider)

  1. Pros For The Buildings
  • Save 7 % on their cleaning services
  • Annual services get done like clock work
  • Develop a relationship with a service provider instead of having someone different service the building every year. It is proven that if the same company and more specifically same technician service’s a site they will outperform “a one off service”.
  • If the property manager changes or the company changes the service to the building continues on schedule.
  • Serviced by a 25 year company and that specializes in Strata and Rental buildings
  • They are not committed for ever, if they wish to discontinue simply provide 30 days written notice
  1. Pros for The Property Manager (Time savings)
  • Does not need to seek approval from council for routine maintenance
  • Does not need to gather yearly quotes for cleaning services
  • They are provided a date in advance to service
  • They are “prompted” when it is time, and do not need to worry about forgetting about scheduling important maintenance
  1. Pros For The Service Provider
  • Saves a step with very busy property managers
  • Scheduled work for production in advance
  • Reduces Sale costs, time and need to follow up an annual basis
  • Eliminated the difficulties that can happen, new property manager, new strata council, new pm company.

In conclusion we keep our customers based on our performance and not a contract, ASG is still governed by this principle. An ASG makes it easier for all parties to work together and provides a frame work for the relationship.

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