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Fair Wage – Janitorial & Caretaker Management – Option For Our Customers

If we had to come up with one line description of ServiceMaster Clean’s photoJanitorial & Caretaker Management Services, it would be our commitment to providing a level of service at an affordable price. That’s not an easy balance to strike, The key part of that formula is finding and retaining the right staff, which can be difficult in the Lower Mainland. The high cost of living is a real problem, and we do what we can to help: we already offer higher than industry average salaries for many of our janitorial positions. Still we think this is not enough, which is being acknowledged elsewhere. Two years ago, Seattle introduced a $15 minimum wage, with Vancouver considering a living wage for its employees. We’d like to get ahead of the curve, by offering our clients the option to provide a guaranteed fair wage for our janitorial staff.
We believe there are a number of positive benefits for our clients when selecting this option. By ensuring our janitorial staff has a better quality of living, we keep them happy and engaged in their position, which is a critical part of the service industry. They take greater care in their position, leading to better outcomes in locations. Furthermore by retaining more of our staff they also develop greater familiarity with a location and its people, which means they can see potential problems before they escalate. At the same time, residents and representatives of the location may find them more approachable and can also work out issues before they get raised to the property manager attention. It’s a winning formula for all.
Now we want to stress a couple of things. We offer a janitorial management service, so the actual janitor wage (which is what fair wage will cover) only consists of 60% of the total cost. So if your strata selects the fair wage option, on average it will only result in a 15% increase. The other 40% covers all of the other services that ensure your building remains in tip top shape. This includes supervisors, the office, cleaning supplies, equipment and maintenance that we may include as part of a contract.  
Starting in August we will be providing a Fair Wage Option on all our Janitorial proposals. Again this is only an option, but we believe strongly it will improve the industry and the quality of service for the properties we serve.  All Fair wage Janitorial Management contracts will have a clause that guarantees that the cleaned serving their building will make no less than X. (We can show payroll records to verify etc…) 

Performance vs Hourly Cleaning

Performance Cleaning is when you hire a professional strata janitorial company to clean your residential building a certain number of agreed upon times per week.  You agree you pay them a set sum for a clean building (A task list you agree to). Hourly Cleaning is paying a contractor for a set amount of hours per visit per week.


See the difference? With hourly cleaning the cleaner could not have enough time on some service calls to complete all the items. On some days finish all the tasks early and have nothing to do.

Essentially the difference is: the strata is paying for a set number of hours per week, hopeful the building will be kept up. Or, they pay to perform irrespective of the hours.

Each approach are better suited for different situations and needs. For most cases, a performance cleaning contract is a better option. Its a win-win for both the client and the company. The service provider can now pay the cleaners per visit and not by the hour with the understanding they are responsible for the result and not the time on the clock. For the client, the reality is that the building will not always be in the same condition in regards to cleanliness.  Therefore, on some days the cleaners will be on site less time and some days it will require more time. If, for example there were a lot of move ins, there was a big party in the common room, or some occupants brought the party into the common areas, etc.

So how does a cleaning company establish the price for the customer with a performance?  Simple.  We look at the layout and the items to be cleaned and we calculate average amount of time per visit.  This is done based on experience and unit rates, such as how many square feet can be vacuumed in a hour, or how long it takes to clean a lobby, etc.

The alternative, hourly clean, is most suited for situations where some level of caretaker services are required. Some buildings, due to size or strata set-up, require an individual who can assist with the building’s operation. Part daytime cleaner, part onsite caretaker, hourly janitors help to smooth a location’s operation. Areas of service they may provide include, organizing trades, reprogramming of fobs, and accepting mail. Basically hourly contracts mean that the company will ensure someone is at the location to help facilitate the build’s business.

Keep in mind when working out what type of cleaning service you want; there is a difference between hiring a cleaning service, a cleaning service combined with caretaker services, or a caretaker.  We offer all of the above options for service; the right service always depends on the building.