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Building Inspections “Staying Ahead”

In our modern lives people are bombarded with different tasks, jobs and interests. That leaves us less time to notice small details in our surroundings, until they become a big problem. We also have come to  expect that someone takes care of it… so who takes care of your buildings?

Our cleaning staff and caretakers are constantly in a building (everyday in some cases) and are acutely aware of its health; its part of their job. In the service industry we try stay in front of challenges in order to do this one the tools we have is periodic inspections of our sites. We accept the responsibility that we are the eyes and ears on the ground for the property managers we serve.

So if our staff has this information, but we don’t pass it along to the property managers we serve then where is the value in the inspections? We use a cloud based software called ServiceLink  that allows our Supervisors perform monthly inspections, (some accounts semi-monthly). These inspections are forwarded to the property managers (or whoever is designated). In these inspections we rate areas and every inspection is logged in the system.

CleanTelligent – Inspection Report – Sample

The report can help us identify problem areas and or recurring concerns.  In some cases it may not be as simple as the staff on site need to spend more time on a certain area. It could be a training issue, a cleaning product issue, site issue, equipment, etc. We also will let our customers know if there is some other maintenance items that is need of attention, like if the garage door doesn’t seem to be working. At the end of the day we do our best to stay ahead of problems and make sure the property managers we serve know the condition of the their buildings.

Servicelink gives us this ability to perform at a higher level.

On Line Reporting (Cloud Based Quality Assurance)


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could login and see an inspections report for your building complete with photos and notes.


You can! Servicelink is a cloud based program that we use to provide this. Every two to four weeks a manager will visit a site and undertake an inspection using a mobile app on his ipad or iphone. The tasks that are assessed are the same as what are in the contract. The frequency of these inspections depend upon what is agreed to between the client and contractor.

The property manager (or another representative) is given a login and they can have a look at the reports whenever they would like. He or she can make comments, and even identify problem areas to the cleaners as they emerge. With the inspections handy and the ability to talk to the staff immediately, the Servicelink is a powerful tool for ensuring your building remains clean.

Have a look at, or contact us whenever you have questions.