Snow & Salt Service
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Snow & Salt Service

Keep sidewalks clear of snow and ice daily we can help 🙂 

With a week of sub-zero temperatures, snow and ice, the sidewalks around your buildings are probably looking pretty rough at this stage. They are becoming a treacherous safety hazard for people walking, cycling and even driving. As the property manager, it is one of the building’s responsibilities, but there is no established plan because these conditions are rare .

You may have hired someone to clean the area, or even had a resident selflessly volunteer their time, but the unrelenting bad weather has erased those efforts and you’re back at square one. Or the landscaping company that you have a standing contract with is swamped with requests and can’t make it. What to do?

ServiceMaster Clean Vancouver is offering a sidewalk & Entry Points cleaning service for the coming months. What’s included?

  • Clear snow from the full width of sidewalks that surround your property by 10:00am on the morning following a snowfall, seven days a week.
  • Daily Preventative salting to keep them clear between now and the next cleaning.

We have 3 Levels / Options For Service:

  • Automatic Call Out If Snows (Based on overnight Weather Network)
  • Automatic Call Out For Salting if it drops below 0 over night
  • On Call (You call us)

So if your sidewalks are looking like a Himalayan mountain path (and nearly as treacherous), and need a clean give us a call or email. We will set it all right.

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