Upholstery Cleaning
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Upholstery Cleaning

Lobby Furniture 

Building furniture is often more of an aesthetic element for residential buildings. They do however have the same cleaning requirements as interior features, like carpet. If they are soiled they reflect poorly on the building, diminishing its overall attractiveness. Moreover, if not properly cared for, their lifespan will be significantly curtailed. In addition to daily janitorial cleaning, furniture should receive a regular deep cleaning.

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The primary method of deep cleaning upholstery is hot water extraction. Unlike carpets, we use a different solution, which tends to be gentler on the upholstery’s fabric. However, some furniture’s fibers are too delicate for even this method. It is possible to employ a dry transfer, which can effectively clean the fabric, but without introducing water. It is similar to dry cleaning, but for upholstery. While this is time consuming and incurs additional cost, it does provide a great clean, and will increase the furniture’s life.


The timing of such a cleaning really depends on the item’s usage and fabric material. Generally, a yearly clean is sufficient for most upholstery, but a strata should base their cleaning frequency on the furniture’s actual condition.

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