Gutter Cleaning
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POLE ROOFLiving on the West Coast means that we get more rain and biological accumulation than anywhere else in North America. Thus cleaning gutters are considered basic building management, unless one wants to risk water penetration into a façade or foundation issues. We offer a range of cleaning options for buildings that will ensure that your rainwater drainage systems work properly. Our technicians can reach almost every gutter, using a variety of methods: rope access, roof access, ground ladders, and boom lifts. In the end we ensure that all precipitation flows smoothly through the proper drainage channels, which will keep your walls and foundation safe from damage.


With our longer summers, and violent winter storms, we no longer have an easily defined “fall” season where the leaves fall from the trees in a predictable manner. Rather a summer storm can bring down new healthy green growth, as well as large branches, followed by normal falling leaves in the fall. In the spring we’ve seen birds try to nest in dry gutters, only to abandon a mess of sticks and solid objects when rain comes. Finally many areas of the Lower Mainland are largely covered by pine needles and other coniferous branches, which fall throughout the year.



ServiceMaster Clean Gutter Care Program – A Higher Level Of Service

One cleaning is often never enough to meet all of these different challenge. Thus we offer a Gutter Care program, where we undertake our usual gutter cleaning, then a number of return visits to manage any subsequent issues. We can resolve any specific issue up to the point where a major repair is required, and provide you a customized report with the result. This will conclusively resolve all of a strata’s potential problems and ensure the proper functioning of your gutters year-round.


ServiceMaster Clean has been providing our customers Gutter Care Programs for over a decade, and they have evolved over the years to now include unlimited service Calls for 12 months after the initial service. Originally we quickly realized that gutter cleaning even though we had been completing for years is not a yearly event. This was the “The Birth” of our gutter care programs. Currently we have over 500 buildings in the lower mainland on one.
Here is a review on how they Function:

  • Step 1 – Our Crews complete a standard gutter cleaning on site which includes a real time field management report complete with photos.
  • Step 2 – The Property (If Enrolled On Gutter Care Program) calls us for 12 months after the initial service and we complete a service call to take care of the issues that occur throughout the year. (Works well when the building forwards a photo or video and the area in the complex that needs attention)



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