Hard Surface Floors
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Not all interior areas are carpeted: hard surface floors are becoming an increasingly popular option for modern buildings. This category of material may include marble, stone, wood, laminates, metals, glass, among many others.  They are often the centrepiece of a lobby or major thoroughfare, and thus require special care. Properly maintained floors offer greater slip-resistance, which is a serious concern in the wet West Coast climate.

As with carpets, our technicians are very proficient at cleaning and protecting the various floor types. They also benefit from ServiceMaster’s 60 years of experience. Our technicians know what approach to take, which includes which types of surface protectant to apply. This is often a critically important step: the protectant can prevent visible damage from occurring on a hard surface, which may be very expensive (if not impossible on some floors) to repair. Even worse the wrong type of sealant can cause damage as well, which is why you need to select a company with the experience and knowledge to do the job right.

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