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Services We Perform


I’m often surprised to learn that a lot of property managers with whom we have a great relationship do not know all the services we make available to stratas. We are structured primarily to serve the property  management industry in the GVRD.  Here is a breakdown of what we can offer you.

Floor Care
Account Manager: Fredy Cayta

contact Fredy for quotes: fredy at

-Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning Programs
-Spot Cleaning, Emergency Carpet Cleaning
-Upholstery Cleaning
-Tile Cleaning
-Linoleum Strip and Wax
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Exterior Cleaning Services
Account Manager: Rachel Hart
contact Moe for quotes: rachel at

-Window Cleaning: High Rise and Low Rise
-Gutter Cleaning 1x Clean and Gutter Cleaning Programs
-Dryer Vent Cleaning
-Pressure Washing
-Parkade Cleaning
-Building Facade Cleaning: hand scrub or pressure washing

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Strata Janitorial and Building Caretaker Services
Account Manager: Angel Cividanes
contact for Angel: angel at

-Performance or Hourly Based Cleaning
-Part Time / Full Time Cleaning
-Building Caretaker Services
-Cloud Based Reporting

We guarantee satisfaction 100% within our quoted scope of work. Any customer concerns are addressed right away.

Thanks for considering ServiceMaster Clean Residential for Vancouver.

Spot Cleaning Product Selection

What To Look Out For

Everyone says their cleaning product is the best.  But how do you know what to really use for spot cleaning your carpet? With so many products out there, what should you look for to ensure that you’re using what you should for your carpet.

ServiceMaster Clean Residential product lines are developed by the R&D departments of a $5billion per year company to ensure they meet all necessary standards and requirements for excellence.  That’s how our green line or products was born.  However, you may not have that type of backing when selecting a cleaning agent from the local store.   Here’s what to look for, and a simple residue test if you need a quick solution and you don’t have time to call in the professionals at ServiceMaster Clean.

“WARNING! Do not use chlorinated cleaning solutions, quaternary solutions, petroleum

distillates, solvent-based cleaners, or citrus cleaning solutions.”

– Lees Carpet Manufacturing guide.

Here’s what to watch out for:

PH LEVEL: When selecting a cleaning agent, avoid products with pH levels over 9.5

Avoid – Toxicity: non-toxic, and inflammable solvents.

Avoid – Optical Brighteners:  They can adversely affect the coloration of carpet and lead to premature yellowing and aging.

Avoid – Sticky Residue:  Do not use a product on your carpet which will leave behind a sticky residue.  This will lead to rapid resoiling and the need for more frequent cleanings.

Sticky Residue Test

To test a solution to ensure that it does not leave a sticky residue, you can perform the following simple test:

  • Pour a small amount of the cleaning solution into a clean glass dish.
  • Let the dish stand uncovered to air dry, until all liquid has evaporated
  • Break up any hard residue left on the bottom of the glass dish.  If it is powdery, dry flakes, or dry crystals, this is an acceptable solution, as this can be vaccuumed out of the carpet fiber
  • If it is oily, greasy, sticky, or waxy the solution is not acceptable as this will stick to the carpet fiber and contribute to rapid resoiling
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