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Cleaning Program Launch for Shared Laundry Room Vents

ServiceMaster Clean Residential for Vancouver is launching a program for regular maintenance of common laundry room dryer vents. The constant use of these facilities generates huge amonts of lint build up in very short time spans. The results: less efficient dryers, risk of damage to the machines, and greater risk of fires. Our maintenance program drastically reduces those risks and related costs.

To give an example, manufacturers recommend annual cleaning of dryer vents for regular 1 family use of a dryer. This is based on a few loads of laundry dried per week. Common laundry room dryers are used many more times each day than just 1 family would use theirs in a week. The lint that piles up inside in a few months time can be amazing – something I found out while performing a dryer vent cleaning job last year. The pictures shown were from dryer vents that had been cleaned out 6 months previously.

In order to ensure proper regular maintenance of this type of facility, we are offering regularly scheduled maintenance of shared laundry rooms to our customers to make sure this need is addressed.

Our common laundry dryer vent cleaning programs include:

-1 yearly cost, several visits booked throughout the year

-free camera inspection of dryer vents for any problem areas

-ServiceMaster 100% satisfaction guarantee

Contact us for a quote with more details.

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