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Planning Ahead: A Proactive Approach to Services

January means last year is behind us. It was a great year. I’m sure you, like me, had some great highlight moments, some personal triumphs – and sometimes when planning and preparing a bit better could have saved a lot of time, phone calls, and headaches.

This year my new year’s resolution is different. I’m not punishing myself on a treadmill (any more than usual), or swearing off my favorite treats. Instead I’m giving myself a gift this year; I’m making my life easier. I’m taking a slow day in January to plan ahead and prepare for the things that are coming up.

For some things it is pretty simple – make a list of to do items so far in advance that the things on that list can be picked off one at a time without needing to rush around last minute. I can budget for them, plan on where to get them, and do so at a leisurely pace, rather than my usual trying to cram them all in at crunch time.

And speaking of crunch time, I’m also going to plan my fitness routine for the first time in my life. Otherwise, I’m too sporadic and don’t get the results I hope to achieve.

About 80%, that’s how much I think this will really happen, if I’m going to be honest with myself. I’ll make some lofty goals and get about 80% there. Which will still be 80% further ahead than I would be otherwise?

Why not do the same with your stratas?

For the past few years, a small number of property managers have planned ahead and requested quotes for ALL services, for ALL of their properties before spring. In that way, they always have the desired number of quotes with competitive pricing well in advance of the meetings when they’re due. There is no last minute stress.

Programs – another way to save hassle and save money. A few property managers have found it very beneficial to have all the services approved, pre-booked and scheduled in advance. They know what is going to happen when, and we show up, provide the required service with lots of advance notice, and everyone is happy.

This approach may not work for you. It may not work for all of your stratas – I’m not a property manager and therefore don’t personally know the demands of the job first hand. However, if this approach could save you time, last minute stress, phone calls, prepping notices last minute, or looking for those quotes you requested the day before a meeting, perhaps it is worth considering.

Is this approach feasible for the industry?

If you think it could help, send us your list of properties to quote on. Talk to us about building maintenance packages, and how they can save money and time. If not, perhaps leave a comment to help us learn why this doesn’t work for you, or how we can help make your life easier.

Leave a comment. And thanks for taking the time to read e-tips.

Fern Barker – Senior Property Manager CROSBY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LTD.

As a Property Manager I have worked with ServiceMaster for approximately 14-15 years in a variety properties. The quarterly carpet maintenance service they offer has been extremely well received by my clients and has been most beneficial in extending the life and look of the carpets. ServiceMaster staff have always ensured that my clients have been well serviced and in some cases gone out of their way to look after a problem I thought could not be fixed. I can truly say that I have found the pricing as being well within the market range and the service to be excellent; And working with David and many of the other staff members over the years has been a supportive and pleasant and co-operative arrangement.

Dave Olafsson – Property Manager Crosby Property Management Ltd.

I have been in the property management business for 13 years. When I need work done, … either carpet cleaning, window cleaning service, difficult or tricky projects, ServiceMaster has always been able to help. They are quick to respond to any request or problem, and I can wholeheartedly recommend them.

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